Michigan Wholesale Walleye is Michigan's largest grower and supplier of walleye. We have been in the walleye business for over 20 continuous years and manage 300 acres of rearing ponds and lakes. If you are a retailer in the Great Lakes region please call us for a deal you can't refuse!

Our past customers include the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), U.S. Forest Service, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, sportsmen's clubs and lake associations.

Our live walleye are the best quality available and perfect for your stocking needs. Call us today to reserve your fish, orders are filled on a first come basis.

Please note that we do not sell walleye for the food industry, nor are we in the retailing business (small orders), and we are not able to consult with you on pond/lake biology. Please consult your local State or private biologist and/or your local fish retailer for that information... they are the best equipped to help you.

Stock/Strain Information -

We currently have two sizes and strains of walleye available for sale. Both Lake Superior/Huron and the Lake Michigan strains are available in July as well as in the late fall. The fish will be approximately two inches in July and range from 7-9 inches in the fall. As with any other farming business, the price varies from year to year with supply and demand. We make adjustments for the volume you want to purchase.

If marking is a necessity for your stocking program, we offer Tetracycline treatment at no extra charge. Marking enables your group to distinguish adults you have planted from those naturally occurring fish that are not marked in your body of water.

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